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People have babies all the time! Isn’t this something I should be able to do on my own?

Though our parental instincts start to kick in the moment we meet our child, there is a learning curve as you get used to this “new normal.”

In the past, women relied heavily on their community for guidance in pregnancy, birth and childrearing. Today, new moms lack the consistent quality support they once had. In our busy, disconnected world, new moms rarely get the time, space and care that they need in order to rest, recover and bond with their baby.

Welcome Baby Care fills that need for support. We are trained in breastfeeding, baby care, sleep patterns, nutrition, recognizing signs of postpartum depression and much more.

What will you do differently than my friends or family?

It’s common to have your mother or mother-in-law help out with your new baby…and that’s wonderful! You need to spend as much time bonding with your baby as possible during the critical first weeks.

We work with you and your family to decide what needs to be done — what Grandma wants to do and what you’d like us to do. Grandmas who may not want to be up every night with a fussy baby especially love our overnight care!

Many families appreciate the fact that we are an outside, objective party. We come without opinion, without baggage and WITH much expertise. Family is great, but sometimes it’s easier to ask a professional for the help you need.

What questions should I ask when looking for postpartum care?

Postpartum services in Minnesota are largely unregulated. When looking for postpartum care, be sure the doula/nanny/night nurse has up-to-date Infant/Child CPR certification, that doulas have current certifications with MDE (WBC), DONA or CAPPA, and that the doula or agency carries insurance and worker’s comp. Additionally, has the caregiver passed a criminal background check?

You may also want to know if the caregiver is employed by the agency or a contract worker. This may affect how you file your taxes, etc.

Welcome Baby Care ensures all their in-home caregivers and postpartum doulas are current with all certifications and they have all passed state fingerprint background checks. Many of our staff have additional training beyond certification requirements for things like breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, nutrition and much more!

I did fine with my first baby, why would I need help with the second?

Having a second baby is a whole new game. You can’t count on catching a nap midday while Baby is sleeping because you have an older child to care for. While you’re busy with the newborn, who will make lunch for your toddler? Who will make lunch for YOU?

When welcoming a second child into your family, you will experience new emotions and feelings about parenthood that can be quite tricky. Your firstborn might experience jealousy, fear and even regression. Our doulas are trained to help you navigate these new family dynamics.

Overnight care is also very popular with our second and third time parents — ensuring that you are well rested and ready to care for your children during the day.

How much does this service cost?

Many people are surprised by the great value in our services. Even one visit can make a huge difference!

We help you work within your budget and we also offer gift certificates, which we encourage you to put on your baby shower wish list. Also tell the grandparents about Welcome Baby Care! They are always looking for a way to help.

Check out our Pricing and Care Packages for more information on cost.

Will my HSA cover these services?

The expenses of a lactation consultant may be covered under your HSA, FSA, or HSR plan. As individual plans vary, please check with your plan provider. Expenses of a lactation consultant have been included in the list of items and services that are subject to the healthcare reform preventive services mandate.

How long do families typically use in-home postpartum doula care?

Anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks is typical, though some families do as few as a couple of overnights while others utilize 12 months of full-time help.

We customize care to fit your needs as they change from week to week. Generally speaking, multiples usually need more hours of in-home care than families welcoming one baby.

Do you offer support if I am on bed rest before my baby arrives?

Yes! Welcome Baby Care’s doulas can tidy the house, prepare meals, and do the dishes so that you can rest. If you have other children, the doula will help you keep them on their normal schedule, so that your house routines continue smoothly.

What happens on a typical visit?

Your caregiver arrives and calmly addresses the immediate needs of the family — perhaps soothing an uncomfortable baby or preparing a snack for a hungry breastfeeding mom. Next, she sits down with Mom and/or Dad to assess the priorities of the day. The doula’s care is custom-made based on this assessment.

Read more about a typical visit in A Day in the Life of a Postpartum Doula and A Night In the Life of a Postpartum Doula.

How will I become self-sufficient as a parent if I am dependent on the help of a postpartum doula?

The first six weeks postpartum are the toughest and also the sweetest — you shouldn’t be worried about things like doing laundry or fixing meals. Women were meant to be nurtured during this time and their time should be spent getting to know their baby. In the past, new mothers were supported by moms, aunts, cousins and even neighbors. Today, however, families are often separated by great distances, so that in-home support is less available. Additionally, women who work outside the home or own their own businesses need support that empowers their parenting decisions- having a professional in the home can help families navigate all of their unique challenges.

Though we are there to help for as long as needed, a postpartum doula’s greatest accomplishment is to work herself out of the job. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow stronger and more confident.

What makes Welcome Baby Care different?

We have one goal — supporting families. Our doulas are truly the cream of the crop, each bringing their own unique personality and area of expertise while keeping Welcome Baby Care’s high standards in mind.

We are a Class A licensed home healthcare organization — bonded, insured and Board of Health certified. We offer ongoing education to our team of doulas to ensure that each and every person who steps into your home comes equipped with the most current mother-infant information and research.

The main benefit of enlisting care from a company rather than an individual is peace of mind. We can always cover your shift and meet your specific scheduling needs.

Nights are looking a lot easier now – Thanks for all the hints!
Amanda and Chris
Thanks to our doula, I’m now able to nurse my baby without the stress and pain I was feeling before.
Melissa, second time mom
Thank you for talking me through the tough times and giving me hope.
Lori, mom with postpartum depression
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