Our own Welcome Baby Care experts join Marti and Erin of Mom Enough to talk about postpartum issues and answer your parenting questions.

What Special Challenges Do Parents of Multiples Face and What Can Friends Do To Help?

This week’s guests provide first-hand knowledge!   Marti and Erin have two guests this week: Tory Kielas-Jensen, Postpartum Doula and Director at Welcome Baby Care, and Colleen Lindstrom, mother of nine-month-old fraternal twins and a four-year-old. While getting sleep is a big issue for twins and their mother, many people are surprised to learn twins…


What Do You Know About the Baby Blues?

And how can you tell when those common but difficult feelings have become something more serious?   About 50 – 75% of moms experience the “baby blues” in the early days after giving birth – feeling sad, irritable and sometimes overwhelmed by the demands of caring for their new baby. Although those are miserable feelings,…


The Good, the Bad, and the Sleepless: Helping Families Embrace the Joys and Challenges of a New Baby

The arrival of a new baby, through birth or adoption, is usually one of the most exciting and joyful times in a parent’s life. But it also is one of the most challenging and exhausting. Too often moms and dads may feel they should be able to handle everything just fine on their own; after…


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