A Doula’s NIGHT…

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Family

Whether working the day shift or acting as night nurse, the doula’s goal is the same: happy parents, healthy baby. During an overnight shift, support simply comes in a different package — namely, an intense focus on parent sleep.


Nighttime should be restful. Naturally, the doula is there to comfort the mother, but if there are significant issues to discuss — such as a traumatic birth experience — the doula will do her best to encourage rest and suggest they schedule daytime hours for an in-depth talk.

What does a doula do…at night?

Mom sets the course of the night based on her preferences and feeding routine. If she is exclusively breastfeeding, the doula will take care of all infant needs and bring Baby to Mom for nursing only. If bottle-feeding is an option, mom gets the full night off! Or maybe it’s a combination of bottle and breastfeeding, allowing Mom a longer stretch of sleep while also maintaining her milk supply.

Doula Chores & Newborn Checklist

The doula uses the client binder throughout the night shift, keeping a meticulous baby log so that parents are aware of all that happened over the course of the night.

The overnight is loosely broken down into three parts:  The first two hours are for assessment and chores, the next five for quiet and rest, the last hour for wrap-up. Wrap-up includes a final diaper change, a final feed and washing of any bottles used during the night. As time permits, the doula may prepare a morning meal or snack.

The ”quiet and rest period” encourages a bedtime routine for the family. The lights are low, the kitchen noises die down, and Baby gets the message—now we rest.

Ready for a good night’s sleep? We can make it happen.

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