In-Home Postpartum Doula Services

The first six weeks postpartum are the toughest and also the sweetest — you shouldn’t be worried about things like doing laundry or fixing meals. Women were meant to be nurtured during this time and their time should be spent getting to know their baby. In the past, new mothers were supported by moms, aunts, cousins and even neighbors. Today, however, families are often separated by great distances, so that in-home support is less available. Additionally, women who work outside the home or own their own businesses need support that empowers their parenting decisions- having a professional in the home can help families navigate all of their unique challenges.

Though we are there to help for as long as needed, a postpartum doula’s greatest accomplishment is to work herself out of the job. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow stronger and more confident.


0-49 Hours: $43*/hr

50-199 Hours: $41*/hr

200+ Hours: $39*/hr

Every inquiry is eligible for a Complimentary New Client Meeting
We’ll always meet with you, regardless of whether you end up choosing us or not, at NO COST to you!

New Client Intake Form

All hours must be pre-paid.

Return clients receive 5% off all hourly services.

*add $4/hr for multiples

Short Notice Services Available*

Need someone to start sooner than planned?

Unexpected illness keeping you or your baby at home?

Original postpartum care plan not working out for your family?

$199 deposit required; fully refundable if we are unable to fulfill your request. Non-refundable if cancelled by the client.

*subject to availability, two weeks’ notice preferred

Purchase A la Carte Hours  Scheduling DepositShort Notice Deposit

“Short Notice” is defined as less than 72 hours’ notice. Scheduling effort starts when deposit is paid (or at the beginning of the next business day).

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