Virtual Lactation Consultation

$200.00 $160.00

Your virtual lactation consultation allows you to work with a lactation counselor (CLC or CLE). During the initial video chat, she will observe a feeding, discuss any issues or problems, then help you devise a lactation plan to meet your specific needs. This service is perfect for moms who are new to breastfeeding, who have questions or have run into a problem, have a well-established nursing relationship but are experiencing sudden changes in feeding patterns or milk supply, and those returning to work.

Your virtual lactation consultation package includes:

  • An introductory virtual visit up to 90 minutes where we observe a feeding, discuss any issues and create a plan
  • A same-day email that includes your custom lactation plan and any additional resources suggested by your lactation counselor/educator
  • One 30 minute virtual follow-up visit the next day
  • 5 days of text support

*Additional time is available as needed and is charged in 15-minute increments


If you are a breastfeeding parent you may have learned something that isn’t often discussed: breastfeeding is hard! We all assume it will just “come naturally” to every mom, but it doesn’t always. If you’ve ever thought to yourself: this is too hard, I can’t do this, or I really want to breastfeed but I just can’t,

Don’t give up just yet, we’re here to help!!

Book your virtual lactation consultation with us today and we can walk you through the entire breastfeeding process. We can help you troubleshoot supply problems, latching issues and pain, holding methods, and much more!


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