Virtual Sleep Coaching

$300.00 $240.00

Your virtual sleep coaching visit allows you to video chat with a Welcome Baby Care Sleep Consultant. She will discuss with you your baby’s current bedtime/sleep routines and sleep environment, and then discuss with you a plan of action. Once a plan has been agreed upon, your coach will walk you through a dream feed and the sleep routine that was customized for your family.

Your virtual sleep coaching package includes:

  • One introductory virtual visit, up to 90 minutes where we discuss your baby’s current sleep habits and lay out a detailed sleep plan
  • A same-day email with your custom sleep coaching plan (includes: personalized sleep plan, sleep tips, sleep charts and any additional resources suggested by your sleep coach)
  • Two 30 minute virtual follow-up visits within the first week
  • 2 weeks of text support

*Additional time is available as needed and is charged in 15-minute increments



Virtual Sleep Coaching

It’s 3 am and you’ve been up every hour on the hour to rock your baby back to sleep. In your exhausted state you worry that this will be the rest of your life. Then, you give in to the idea that your baby is just a bad sleeper.

But there is hope!

We’ve worked with many families whose ‘bad sleepers’ became rock star sleepers. All it takes is a plan, clear strategies, and consistency. That’s where we come in…

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