While some level of parental exhaustion is par for the course during Baby’s first year, establishing healthy habits and a solid routine can help maximize sleep for the entire family.


Welcome Baby Care’s Sleep Specialists:

Welcome Baby Care has a growing number of Sleep Specialists on staff. Our Infant Sleep Specialists are trained by Welcome Baby Care’s Educators utilizing evidence based and researched information, and focusing on individual family needs.

Welcome Baby Care’s sleep packages provide a full and comprehensive look at the entire family’s sleep picture, covering the following areas:

  • Baby’s temperament
  • Sleep needs as appropriate by age, stage and development
  • The impact of Baby’s feeding patterns on sleep
  • Baby’s current day and night sleep routines
  • Baby’s sleep environment
  • Previous soothing techniques used
  • Possible sleep shaping solutions
  • Parent goals and expectations

0 – 16 Weeks: Do what works!

A newborn’s sleep cycles revolve around one thing: getting fed. Most newborns will eat every 1.5-3 hours. They should be fed on cue, day and night, to accommodate their rapid growth and help maintain the nursing mother’s milk supply. The length of time it takes them to eat, digest their food, and become hungry again determines how long they will sleep at a time. Research indicates that infants between 0 and 16 weeks do best when their sleep and feeding needs are met on demand rather than scheduled. *Source: healthychildren.org

17 – 24 Weeks: Transitional Sleep Package ($1232 singleton/$1320 twins)

Between 17 and 24 weeks, babies often go through a sleep regression. This is normal as they experience growth milestones and their sleep cycles and feeding needs change. Babies this age are often ready to begin basic sleep routines and environmental changes to help them sleep, but research does not support active sleep coaching as appropriate or effective. Our transitional sleep plans help parents identify which changes in routine and environment their baby may be developmentally ready for, and how to begin implementing those changes.

Package includes:

  • Four 8-hour overnight shifts with an Infant Sleep Specialist
  • Personalized sleep plan (for each baby)
  • Follow-up via phone, within two days of final shift to fine tune sleep plan
  • Must be scheduled minimum two weeks in advance

25 Weeks to 1 Year: Sleep Shaping Package ($1535 singleton/$1650 twins)

Infants in this age range benefit from consistent day and night sleep routines. Research supports gentle sleep coaching as effective and appropriate as Baby begins to be able to self soothe and requires feedings less frequently at night. Our sleep plans help parents recognize how temperament, routine, feeding patterns and environment play a role in teaching babies between 25 weeks and 1 year to sleep independently. The sleep shaping plans also guide parents through new soothing strategies to help Baby get to sleep and stay asleep.

Package includes:

  • Five 8-hour in-home overnight shifts with an Infant Sleep Specialist
    • Create bedtime routine with parents, implement nightly
    • Each night, the Sleep Specialist will work to extend baby’s periods of sleep
  • Personalized sleep plan (for each baby)
  • Two follow-up phone calls (15 minutes each) over the first week after completion of final shift
  • Must be scheduled minimum 2 weeks in advance

*To ensure the effectiveness of this Sleep Coaching Service, you must commit to continuing the routine prescribed by your Infant Sleep Specialist for a minimum of 2 weeks.

**Welcome Baby Care makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, about the effectiveness and/or sustainability of this service. This service has been developed through research and practical application in homes. It is designed to be used as a guide to assist families in creating safe, healthy and effective sleep practices.

***For babies older than 1 year, please contact us at (952) 942-5676 for sleep coaching recommendations.

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