Our team of baby experts:

Many new parents find Welcome Baby Care by searching for a “baby nurse” or “night nanny” and are pleasantly surprised to find that a postpartum doula gives so much more! A doula not only handles infant care, but supports the parents as well.

Every member of our staff benefits from an extensive program of ongoing education — blending traditional wisdom with the latest scientific research. Our doulas and infant caregivers are Welcome Baby Care employees. They are paid by WBC at an hourly rate. The hourly rate is all inclusive; meaning we handle all state and federal taxes, unemployment, FICA, Medicare, workman’s compensation and general and professional liability insurance. The hourly rate also includes payroll services and access to backup care.

Though experienced and well-educated on all aspects of welcoming a new baby home, our doulas honor the parent’s wishes first and foremost — offering non-judgmental advice and suggestions only upon request. They are respectful of each family’s privacy and boundaries, and have passed a comprehensive Minnesota state background check.

Our staff of over twenty postpartum doulas includes a former neonatal nurse, several seasoned nannies, four certified lactation counselors, an IBCLC, a Minnesota Parent columnist and a Lamaze certified childbirth educator. Collectively, we have close to 100 years of doula experience and over 200 years of parenting. This is a seasoned and talented group, to say the least!

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In the Office:

Maggie Conway joined Welcome Baby Care in 2016 as the Assistant to the Director of Operations and Scheduler. She enjoys working with families and staff to help WBC provide the best in-home postpartum care available. She is especially skilled at tracking down doulas to support last-minute requests.


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