Naturally, it started with a baby.

Carey Welcome Baby CareIn 2005, Carey Lindeman created Promise Care, a unique home elder care service with a focus on personal relationships and whole health wellness.
2006 brought a new baby and new perspective. Carey became a grandmother! She soon realized that home health care was crucial to an entirely different group — new parents in need of postpartum support.
Explains Carey, “These days, moms are home from the hospital fast…without the sense of community, extended family and postpartum care parents used to count on. A time that should be intrinsically joyful loses its luster when mixed with uncertainty and exhaustion.”
Already recognized as a professional caregiver, Carey was in a unique position to respond. And so, along with the birth of Carey’s grandchild, 2006 saw the birth of Welcome Baby Care. WBC has since become the Twin Cities’ premiere postpartum doula agency.


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